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A Message from our Director of Operations

I am a 2nd generation self-storage professional. My dad started in self-storage after being in the restaurant business his entire career. My first experience with self-storage was when I was a teenager, I would go clean out self-storage units to help managers keep their property clean.

What got me excited about the business was the transformation I saw in my Dad. In the restaurant business, my dad worked crazy hours and although he always made time for family, he was always responding to emergencies and it took a toll on him, its a tough business with a lot of stress. When he moved to self-storage he had more time, less stress, and he was happy with his work.

I decided since it was good for my dad I would give self-storage a try and my next job was as an Assistant Manager. After a couple of months, everyone said I was good at this and ready to be a store manager. I thought to myself I can’t be in charge of an entire store.

My first day as a Store Manager I will never forget. I was given the worst-performing store in the district and was asked to turn it around. I was introduced to my Assistant Manager, and it was my first experience of being a leader. When I told him my plans for the store and saw the eagerness in his eyes, I understood the power of leadership. In 6 months the Assistant Manager and I turned around the store, grew the occupancy from 50% to 90%, and doubled the revenue. Since that time, I have had almost every job in the storage business.

I have been applying the same principles of leadership as I did on my first day as a Store Manager. I invite you to reach out to chat with me and get to know one another.

Corey Ward
Managing Partner

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Spacebox Core Values

Find out why Spacebox Management is different from the rest of the pack.

  • Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. Without integrity there is no trust, and without trust we will not build strong relationships. Integrity is the backbone of our company.
  • Excellence means we do great work all the time, we do not settle for anything less than our best. We must strive for excellence in how we treat our leads, our customers, our results, and the cleanliness of our facilities.
  • 100% Accountability. Being accountable means that we look at how we can improve first before we examine outside influences to justify situations.
  • Passion is how much positive energy we bring to our daily lives. People who do not have passion for what they do will seldom inspire others to success. Our customers, our employees, and our investors must see our passion in all that we do.
  • Leadership. A lot of companies say teamwork is important, but we will take it further and describe our efforts as leadership. Titles do not make people leaders. Leaders know the way, go the way, and show the way.

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